Where do i start?!


I am a 26 yearold woman/mother/lover who has put herself last for too long.

After meeting my now husband on my 18th birthday and then having our first baby at 19, all my life plans went out the window and a new path was formed.

8 years later i am married, have 3 gorgeous kids, my own business and we have just moved back to Wellington, where we are happy.

As so many monthers can identify with, once you have kids its so easy to stop looking after yourself. My weight has soared, ive lost so much self confidence, i get anxiety in social situations or places i dont know.

Things like skin care, haircuts, cosmetics, new clothes etc come at the very end of the budget which usually means i miss out.

Time for excercise is pretty much non existent, as is going out anywhere by myself or alone wiht my husband.

I plan on wokring/changing ALL of these things.


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