Ground Hog Day

I know ive been neglecting this blog, but i don’t think anyone’s reading it so it shouldn’t matter. My last post was a negative one and alas, so will this one be.

i just spammed my lovely weight loss group with these posts this morning after yet another disappointing weigh in but it wasn’t the right place so have moved them to here.

What are some ways to feel good about yourself for no $$$$$ ?
We are in the shit atm financially, as we clear debt and get back on our feet from months of Rob not working.
I need new bras, underwear, a haircut, makeup, skin care products. All stuff that helps so much with body image but we just can’t afford any of it. Lots of health foods that would make my body feel better from the inside and help with the monotony of my diary free diet are out of the question $$$ wise too.

I’ve been trying to go out each weekend for some “me time” but it always includes Madeline, so not really me time at all  was nice this weekend doing the underground markets and coffee with my mum, auntie and me and maddie. really lovely actually

i feel like a prisoner at home at the moment

i just hate my role atm. the stay at home parent. I’ve had rob at home sharing this role for over a year and now its been taken away ( by necessity  and I’m forced to organize and look after 3 kids, AND try and run my business. I feel really bitter and hard done by. seeing rob come home happy and satisfied after a day of hard but rewarding work, using his brain etc. when I’m at home loosing my mind, letting all my hard work with my business slip as i don’t have the time and energy i need to put into it.

Having had serious PND after my second son i don’t want to do back there, but circumstance being what they are, do not help. i need independence, my work, to feel like more than just a mother and wife.


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One Response to Ground Hog Day

  1. oh Hannah,
    Take the days as they come, there will always be the low times its our nature – but remember that high times will always be there too. I trust and know this will not be a rut you become stuck in as history shows you’ve always got out of them. You are a strong woman of great determination, caring gratitude and kind hearted nature. Kia Kaha, I believe in you and you will find the answer that works best.
    Arohanui Sam

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