I’ve seen lots of the “Crafty Pay It Forward” type posts on facebook this week and dismissed them as it happens every year and I’ve never seen anyone ( including myself) follow through. But in the spirit of giving more I’ve decided to join in 🙂

Here are the first 5 people who commented. I’m putting it here so i don’t forget 😉

  • Megan
  • Bel
  • Casey
  • Laura
  • Donna

I also sent out my first package of squishy pretties yesterday to a dear friend of mine who is going through some heavy stuff atm ❤ And i have 2 other special projects planned for two other gorgeous women in my life.

I have been really shite the last few years when it comes to friends birthdays. Once you grow up and especially when you have a family, birthdays are celebrated less and less. I am going to make a big effort to send my friends cards and gifts this year, as i know how special and loved it makes me feel when i receive them.


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