The Cherries: my goals for the year

Well here i am!

I havent blogged in 2 years or so and i have missed it. This year is going to be an amazing one for me, I am in the best position ( mentally, emotionally, logistically) possible to realise all of the things i have been wanting to experience for so long.

I plan on making a vision board of all of these things after reading my friend Carla’s blog and seeing the amazing success she had in 2012 with hers!

So here they are:

The Cherries

  • 1. Get my first tattoo : This is something i have wanted to do for YEARS. I am planning a floral half sleeve ( which I may add onto later) but im not sure whether to design it myself or get one of my talented arty friends to do it for me.
  • 2. Get to my goal weight and stay there: Now that i am done having babies the time is now! I have already lost 12 kgs since having Madeline and im back to my pre pregnancy weight ( from before any of the kids) but have another 11 to go. My reward to myself will be Cherry #1 ! haha
  • 3. Get a facial: I have never EVER had a facial 😛 And i want one, simple as that.
  • 4. Save for and go to Melbourne: This year is my family’s year for christmas and we want to go over and spend it with my sister and parents in Melbourne. It will be tough to do but sooo worth it. Neither me or my husband have ever been.
  • 5. Spend money on MYSELF: this is something i havent done since having a family ( so since i was 19). I don’t look after my skin, my hair or my body the way i should as i put myself at the bottom of the list. I am going to make skin care, makeup, haircuts, clothes, exercise and health a priority.
  • 6. Go to a concert: I have never been to a concert. Sad but true and this year that is going to change. Rob had bought me tickets to see the Civil Wars for my birthday , but weeks after that they announced their cancelled tour 😦 and the Foo Fighters are on hiatus so i will have to settle for not the ultimate concert haha.
  • 7. Design and release my first knitting pattern: i have had the idea for a long time and even have the name picked out and everything. Just need to knuckle down and actually DO IT.
  • 8: TOP SECRET: this one is not safe for the internet or general public but its something ive wanted to do for a long time and will mean a great deal to my self-identity and confidence.

Those are the “Cherries” i want to pop as they are all firsts but here are other “resolutions” i have:

  • 1. Give more. I LOVE surprising friends with gifts and its something i have neglected of late. I plan on at least monthly packages winging their way across the country to bring smiles and love 🙂
  • 2. Buy a pair of jeans. I havent worn or bought jeans ( non maternity or baggy etc) since before i had Flynn so almost 5 years. My body proportions dont work with standard off the rack jeans so i will have to do some investigating and shell out a bit of $$$ but i cant wait!
  • 3. Have people over for dinner. I LOVE entertaining, and with 3 kids it’s about the only way to socialize regularly! me and Rob both love cooking and wine and trying new things so it’s the perfect way to do all those things.
  • 4. Get my engagement and wedding rings resized. I got pregnant with Flynn on our honeymoon and the subsequent swelling and then actual hand growth means ive never fitted them since. And its been 5 years! I want to be able to wear them.

So there they are!I will probably add to them and plan on blogging about my progress towards them all, as well as other general stuff on my journey this year 🙂

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2 Responses to The Cherries: my goals for the year

  1. Carla says:

    Popping your blog cherry with the first comment! Woot!

    Love how your goals reflect you so much, and your tattoo sounds wonderful, you can dooooo iiiiit!

    Luv ya x

  2. beautiful .. so nice to ‘see’ you back – can’t wait for updates and watching your journey xx

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