Budget vs self care

Day 2 of blogging and working towards all my goals and already I’m at a cross roads!

When it comes to losing weight and staying motivated and accountable Weight Watchers is a no fail program for me. I have used it successfully many times and it has enabled me to get to pre pregnancy weight since having Madeline in March.

We are only a super dooper ridiculous budget atm though as we try and clear the debt we have racked up over the last few months while we scrapped the barrel and Rob looked for work. So since November my WW subscription has lapsed as its $39 a month that would be better spent on rent or grocery’s.

I think spending that money makes me accountable too, because ive paid for it so i better loose it to make it worth it.

I’ve used My Fitness Pal in the past but i guess it the lazy girl in me that likes how much easier and simpler Weight Watchers is.

I belong to a wonderful support group of women on the health journey that i set up on Facebook a few months ago, so i do have a wonderful support network.

So my dilemma is do i spend the $$$ on a WW subscription ( on our new Credit Card) because it is fail safe for me to get to my weight and health goals, plus fulfills my resolution to spend money on myself??

Or do i suck it up because we cant afford it, and go for the free option and give My fitness Pal another chance?


I’m torn!

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